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Yorktown Heights, NY – Jefferson Valley Mall

  650 Lee Blvd, Space F9, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598    (914) 727-0982   Email Us

Yorktown Heights, NY – Jefferson Valley Mall

Treasure Island- Destination Bermuda Triangle

Difficulty Levels: 1 and 3
treasure island

The Hunt for the Dancing Lady

You are part of the crew aboard HMS Lion, currently hunting the pirate ship The Dancing Lady believed operating in the Caribbean. Wreckage found last month from the merchant ship Salty Dog indicates The Dancing Lady is be trying to bury their loot on one of the many islands in the area. You are a landing party searching the latest island for evidence.

Success Rate

Level 1 – 63%
Level 3 – 40%


• Person – $25 (With tax included where applicable)
• Private Room for 12 – $275 (With tax included where applicable)


• 50 min

Private Room for 12

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